I have orthopedic problems with my feet. Can you make orthopedic shoes?

Our shoes are not orthopedic shoes. Our shoes are designed for people who do not have major orthopedical problems.

Can I use special insoles?

All depends on your insoles. Please come to the shop with your insoles and let's see what we can do.

If I want to return my purchase how does the returning procedure work in practise?

In case you want to return the shoes send us your contact information by e-mail. Botisto prepares you an UPS-label with instructions which you will receive by e-mail. After receiving the UPS-label pack the shoes and call the transportation company in order to arrange the pick up time. Remember to do it within 14 days.

Can I increase the height of the heel?

Unfortunately this is not possible.

Will the leather of the shoe wear out? How many years will the shoes last?

Our shoes are made of highest quality Italian calf leather. Still, like all shoes, our shoes are subject to wear during the years they are used. If you take good care of your shoes they will last for years.

Is is possible to get a different fit for left and right foot?

Yes, if you have a significant difference between your left and right foot Botisto can make you a shoe pair with different measurements without extra costs.

Do you have a collection for women?

At the moment no. Please subscribe to our newsletter for information about our upcoming collections.

Where are the shoes made? What is the purchase process?

Our shoes are made in Italy. Please read how Botisto shoes are made and watch our short explanatory video.

Why are your shoes made in Italy. Why not in China?

Our shoes are made in Italy to guarantee the highest quality.

In what time do I receive my shoes?

We try to deliver the shoes to our customers in four (4) weeks.

How many models do you have?

At the moment we have fourteen (14) models but as you can customize your shoes it actually gives you a large variety of choice. Sign up for our newsletter to get information regarding our upcoming collections.