Philosophy of the Company

In a world full of plastic and single-use products the founders of Botisto had a strong faith in quality, individuality and a simple and relaxed lifestyle. This led to an idea of creating shoes that were stylish, unique as well as comfortable at the same time.

The finished Botisto shoe is based on original design, high quality materials and latest scanner technology which makes it totally a new type of product in the fashion market: customized shoes made individually for each customer. Botisto shoes are made-to-order shoes that combine the latest technology and traditional Italian workmanship.

The man who wears Botisto shoes is a cosmopolitan, educated, relatively wealthy man interested in the latest trends and innovations looking for the perfect pair of shoes for instance for work, a wedding as well as for a bit more casual look without loosing his stylishness.

Each pair of shoes is made in the heart of Lombardia, Italy following the best Italian shoe making traditions.

Botisto opened its first shop in August 2011 at one of the most exclusive shopping areas in Barcelona, just next to Paseo de Gracia. Barcelona offered the perfect context for Botisto's relaxed but at the same time stylish ideology. The second Botisto shop was opened in August 2012 in Soeul, South Korea. On the threshold of summer 2013 Botisto launched its online shop which enables buying a pair of Botisto's customized shoes anywhere in the world without having to visit a Botisto shop.

The selection of shoe models increases gradually as every new shoe model requires innovation, design and search for the perfect materials. The actual number of shoe models is 14 varying from classic and traditional dress shoes to more relaxed and casual models. Shoes designed for a man who wants to take it easy but in a stylish and individual way.