How to get your customized shoes

Botisto custom made shoes are a combination of modern technology, style and Italian workmanship. The custom made shoes are made uniquely for you and according to your preferences. We are able to offer you an affordable pair of personalized shoes because we use prefabricated materials, such as lasts and outsoles. There are two ways to get your pair of Botisto shoes: you can either buy them online by sending us two easy measurements of your feet or you can visit a Botisto shop.

Botisto Online

A simple and nice way to get your stylish high quality customized shoes for every occasion. In case of a significant size difference between your left and right foot you will get a different fit for your right and left shoe without an additional cost.

Your name is written on the lining of the shoe. All shoes are made in Italy and will be sent to any address you wish once they are finished.

Botisto Inshop

In a Botisto Shop we measure your feet with an optical scanner that produces a 3D image of your feet. In order to define your personal preferences you will also try on different fitting shoes. This will tell us whether you like a narrow or a bit broader fit and in which parts of your feet you want more support.

Next, you will choose the style, color and material you want, and finally when we know your preferences and wishes we send all the necessary information regarding your shoes, wishes and your feet to the heart of Italy where your shoes are manufactured following the best Italian shoemaking traditions.

Once the shoes are fabricated, they will be sent to your home or workplace or any address you wish.